Residents of High Level in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, are reeling from severe flooding following heavy rains on Friday. The flooding, which has caused significant damage to businesses and homes, is being attributed to the ongoing construction of an underpass in the area.

The construction, managed by Baahaus Global Investment, Nig. Ltd., has reportedly blocked crucial water channels and drainages, exacerbating the flooding. This has led to water inundating homes and business premises in the High Level area.

Several buildings near the construction site, including that of Elder Thomas Anyaregh at No. 7 High Level Rd, were severely affected. The entire structure, which housed numerous business shops, was submerged.

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Affected tenants include Tobias Ezenkwo, Vincent Nwakwo, Romanius Chukwuma Nkwo, Japheth Ochinawata, and Sylina Agwu (Lady J Computers). Goods worth millions of naira were destroyed due to the obstructed drainage systems.

Speaking to reporters, landlord Mr. Anyaregh expressed his frustration. While he supports the state government’s initiative to build the underpass, he strongly criticized the construction company’s negligence in addressing the water drainage issues. He emphasized that repeated appeals for adequate water channels were ignored, resulting in extensive damage to his property and that of his tenants.

Elder Anyaregh, deeply angered by the situation, vowed to seek compensation for the damages caused by the construction company’s oversight.