Popular Afropop artist Adekunle Kosoko, better known as Adekunle Gold, recently discussed his advocacy for Sickle Cell Disease on the CNN programme African Voices Playmakers, sponsored by Globacom. In an interview with CNN correspondent Larry Madowo, shared on Sunday, Adekunle Gold opened up about his personal journey with Sickle Cell and his determination to support others battling the condition.

“I want people living with sickle cell to feel safe, to feel like they have help, to feel like they have support,” he said, reflecting on the stigma and challenges associated with the disease. Despite being targeted with abusive comments when he mentioned his condition in his song “5-Star,” Adekunle Gold emphasized the importance of speaking out to make a difference.

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His decision to advocate for Sickle Cell awareness came after writing “5-Star,” a song that encapsulates his struggles and triumphs. “When I was writing the song, I was reflecting on my life and the journey. I realized that by sharing my story, I could help others who are struggling,” he explained.


Adekunle Gold also discussed the personal challenges he has faced living with Sickle Cell, highlighting the importance of not letting the condition define him. “I knew that I didn’t want this thing to define me, if it means that I needed to exercise more, take my drugs more, eat well, take more water,” he shared.

Watch the full interview below: https://x.com/i/status/1802610927604265408