Veteran Nollywood actor Segun Arinze has opened up about his 12-year breathing space from marriage, sharing an emotional journey of confusion, soul-searching, and eventual happiness. Arinze, now 58, first married actress Anne Njemanze in 1996, but their union ended abruptly in 1997.

In a candid interview on the WithChude podcast, Arinze reflected on the tumultuous period following his divorce. “I was confused about getting the right person,” he admitted, revealing that the search for a suitable partner left him entangled in numerous tumultuous relationships.

The turning point came in 2007, a year before he met his current wife, Julie. “I cried to God and said, ‘Father Lord, I have had enough. Can you just give me a wife?'” Arinze recounted, emphasizing the desperation and earnestness of his plea.


Fate intervened at a wedding where Arinze, co-hosting with comedian Julius Agwu, spotted Julie. Despite initial nervousness, he gathered the courage to approach her. “I asked my PA to get her number, but he was scared,” Arinze recalled with a smile. “So, I went myself and invited her to dinner. That’s how it started. The rest is history.”

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Their love story blossomed, leading to a marriage in 2008 that has thrived for 16 years, blessed with three children. Julie, a lawyer, also serves as Arinze’s legal adviser, embodying the supportive and complementary partnership he had long sought.

Reflecting on his past, Arinze chooses to keep the details of his first marriage private. “It happened. The shit will always happen. Everybody has a closet,” he noted, expressing a desire to move forward without dwelling on past pain.

Segun Arinze’s story is one of resilience, faith, and the transformative power of love. His journey from heartbreak to a fulfilling marriage stands as a testament to the belief that, even after great trials, happiness and stability can be found.