LMG’s has started reaping fruits from the labours of the diss tracks he released for Yung6ix and other rappers when he was replied by  a singer on a track ‘Wambo Wambo’.
The singer Keony, who was formerly known as Kenny C when he was rapping has worked with LMG in series of songs and was also considered as an ally of the rapper cum producer.


LMG recently released a diss track, ‘Caution’ where he mentioned the names of most top rappers in the South East, even those who were considered to be his close friends.
Keony’s ‘Wambo wambo’ which was subtitled, ‘An LMG’s funeral’ was released on three sites www.vibesngists.com, www.tunesafrica.com and ww.peepsandglances.com last week, and the unexpected reply to LMG is the first from any artiste around the region.
Keony who featured in LMG’s ‘Imo’ and ‘Ability’  [tracks from LMG’s Disinfectant Mixtape last year], toook the sides of Yung Roc, Murda Crack, Slow Dogg and Yung6ix, whom LMG previously dissed, calling LMG the ‘Last Man Grinding crayfish in Ogbete Market’.
LMG’s attitude of investing his talent on diss track is still unclear because weeks before the release of ‘Caution’,  he and Yung Roc worked as colleagues in replying Yung6ix with ‘Names of noise makers’ and ‘Sixth verse’ respectively.
Wambo wambo would be the least of LMG’s expectations because he was definitely expecting a hit from a fellow rapper not a singer and in response to the track, he wrote on his blackberry status “Some rappers now pay female singers to do diss track for them”,  referring to Keony as a female singer.
Another point of note on ‘Wambo Wambo’ was that it hit LMG fairly, while X-Busta and his Valencia Records were hit harder.
“You buy N1500 chain, you talk say na M.I dash you, because M.I dash you jacket, you talk say em don sign you.
Lyrical oluku, now you don die them go burry you like mugu” These are part of the lyrics directed to X-busta while the only hash thing said about LMG was “Them de claim say na them be go tuff, when yawa start na them go go soft”.
X-Busta’s connection with the song is yet to be revealed, but as it stands one cannot say that Keony is biting off more than he can chew because LMG did the same with people bigger than him in the industry and walked away without a scratch.

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