Nigerian rapper, Oladips has voiced his disappointment regarding the skepticism surrounding his reported “death and resurrection.”

Initially announced by his management on November 14, 2023, that the rapper had passed away, it later emerged that he was still alive, sparking speculation that his demise had been fabricated.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Oladips maintained that he did indeed had a near-death experience and subsequently returned to life.


Despite his attempts to clarify the events, Oladips lamented many continue to view it as a prank

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Oladips said, “I was not online all that period. I came back to life to see all the chaos. But what can I do? What has happened has happened.

“How many people can I sit with and explain to? Because, obviously, a lot of people still think it is a prank.

“Every time I tried to explain that it was a near-death experience and not a prank, people always show disbelief. But those who are close to me know and believed me.”