A Shari’a court sitting in Gama PRP Kano State on Tuesday has sentenced Abubakar Musa to 17 months in prison for stealing two cell phones worth 165,000.00.

Abubakar Musa, a resident of Atlanta, is accused of entering a house without permission and committing theft.

Prosecutor, Aliyu Abidin Murtala, read the charges against him before the court and he pleaded guilty.

He said the man entered a house and stole two cell phones worth two hundred and sixty-five thousand naira (165,000.00) when the owner was sleeping at night.

The prosecutor asked the court to consider the. evidence and judge him, and the court accepted the request.

Justice Mallam Nura Yusuf Ahmad, therefore, sentenced him to five months in prison for breaking into a house and one year in prison for the crime of theft.

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