Youths from the Umuodu-Umuihugba community in Owerri Municipal, Imo State, have taken to the streets in protest, demanding an immediate youth election amidst growing tension.

The protest stems from dissatisfaction with Mr. Christopher Nwaneri and his executive team, who have allegedly overstayed their welcome as Chairman and Exco of the Umuihugba/Umuodu Youth Organisation after their tenure expired.

In a show of unity, over 500 youths, supported by past youth Chairmen of the community, convened an emergency meeting to voice their concerns. They issued a communique highlighting the unconstitutional nature of the executive’s prolonged tenure and declaring a Vote of No Confidence in them.


“The two-year constitutional tenure of Mr. Christopher Nwaneri and his team has elapsed,” affirmed the past Chairmen in their joint statement. “Their continued occupancy is deemed illegal and unconstitutional.”

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The youth leaders further mandated the past Chairmen to escalate their grievances to the Sole Administrator of Owerri Municipal Council for swift intervention. They stressed the importance of maintaining peace and order in their community, especially with local government elections looming.

Calling for the immediate formation of a caretaker committee to oversee a fair and transparent election, the youths emphasized their commitment to peaceful and lawful protests. They highlighted their role in advocating for the community’s progress and stability.

The former youth Chairmen also informed state security agencies of their demands for a democratic election process, ensuring transparency and inclusivity within Umuihugba/Umuodu Youth Organisation.


As tensions mount, the community awaits a resolution to this pressing issue, hoping for a swift and peaceful transition to uphold democratic principles and community harmony.