Nollywood veteran Patience Ozokwor recently shared how she rejected the title “Liz Benson of Enugu” early in her acting career, emphasizing her desire to be recognized for her own unique talent.

In an interview with Nwafo TV, Ozokwor recounted being compared to the legendary actress Liz Benson, but she declined the tag, stating, “I don’t want to be like Liz Benson; I want to be myself. I am Patience Ozokwor of Enugu.”

Additionally, Ozokwor resisted suggestions to adopt her husband’s first name, Edmund, as her surname. Instead, she chose to honor the family name, Ozokwor, explaining, “In Igbo land, you’re married by a family, not just a man.”

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Her firm stance on these issues highlights her commitment to maintaining her personal and cultural identity within the entertainment industry.