Kogi, Kwara, and Ondo are currently the states in Nigeria experiencing the highest food prices, according to the latest Consumer Price Index and Inflation report for April from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The report shows Kogi State leading with the highest food inflation rate at 48.62%, followed by Kwara at 46.73%, and Ondo at 45.87% on a year-on-year basis. Conversely, Adamawa (33.61%), Bauchi (33.85%), and Nasarawa (34.03%) recorded the slowest rise in food inflation over the same period.

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On a month-to-month basis, Lagos, Edo, and Yobe have the highest food prices in Nigeria. Specifically, Lagos experienced a 4.74% increase, Edo saw a 4.06% rise, and Yobe had a 3.99% increase in food prices.


This development coincides with a surge in April’s overall headline inflation and food inflation rates, which have reached 33.69% and 40.53%, respectively. The rising food prices are contributing to the worsening economic hardship faced by many Nigerians.