As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu marks his first year in office, South East APC National Vice Chairman, Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu, has praised the President’s leadership, describing him as a patriotic and visionary leader. Arodiogbu commended Tinubu for his dedication to improving the nation through his “Renewed Hope Agenda.”

Speaking during the one-year anniversary celebration on Wednesday, Arodiogbu emphasized that Tinubu’s policies are effectively addressing key issues such as economic stability, development, and security. He noted that the President’s efforts have already begun to reduce insecurity, economic hardship, and food scarcity across the country.

Arodiogbu highlighted the comprehensive approach of the “Renewed Hope Agenda,” which focuses on economic reforms, unlocking energy and natural resources, and strengthening national security. The agenda also prioritizes boosting agriculture for food security, enhancing infrastructure and transportation, and improving governance, education, health, and social investment.


Reflecting on the collaborative efforts between the presidency and various stakeholders, Arodiogbu expressed confidence that Tinubu and the APC will address the challenges of economic hardship, insecurity, and corruption that hinder Nigeria’s progress. He urged citizens to remain hopeful and supportive during these transformative times.

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Arodiogbu believes that the President’s first year in office is worth celebrating, calling on Nigerians to trust in Tinubu’s leadership and the APC’s commitment to the nation’s well-being. He encouraged citizens to stay law-abiding, productive, and resourceful, assuring them that the current difficulties will soon pass.

The South East APC leader also praised Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, for his exemplary representation of the President and the APC. He lauded Uzodimma for implementing human-oriented projects that are driving development in the state.

As Nigeria navigates through its challenges, Arodiogbu remains optimistic about the positive impact of Tinubu’s administration, urging continued support and confidence in the President’s vision for a better Nigeria.