Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has revealed that certain communities in the state are complicit in recent kidnapping incidents. The Oro axis, in particular, has seen a series of kidnappings, including the abduction of a High Court Judge and a royal father.

During a media parley marking his one-year anniversary, held on Tuesday night at the Banquet Hall of Government House Uyo, Governor Eno stated that security agencies have identified some of these hotspots, and imminent “shocking” arrests are expected. While he did not disclose the names of the involved communities, he expressed regret that kidnapping is seen as a lucrative business in those areas.

Governor Eno emphasized the government’s commitment to combating insecurity and urged parents to monitor their children’s movements and associations. He warned that the government’s crackdown on crime, particularly in the creeks, might lead to casualties but stressed that they could not allow such heinous crimes to continue.


The governor assured that his administration had made arrests in all kidnapping cases that occurred during his tenure and pledged to use all available resources to clamp down on kidnapping and other forms of insecurity in the state.

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“We have traced, arrested, and confronted people for every kidnapping in this state. I can authoritatively say that some communities are harboring these people and they see it as business. We are moving closer, and soon, shocking arrests will be made,” Eno said. He called on Akwa Ibom residents to report suspicious individuals in their communities.

Addressing the high cost of food commodities, Governor Eno noted that it is not the government’s role to force prices down but to create an enabling environment for productivity. To boost agriculture, he declared the first and third Fridays of each month as farm days for civil servants.

Furthermore, he explained that the Bulk Purchase Policy is designed to support the vulnerable, not to reduce the price of goods. He also mentioned the termination of contracts for four roads due to underperformance by contractors and stated that these contracts are in the process of being re-awarded.


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