Dear Bro. Fuston,
I don’t know how to describe my situation at the moment to you, I’m in shock, confused and bewildered.
I have asked lots of questions why I should be the one to face this trouble after many failed attempts at love.
He is the best thing that happened to me, very caring and loving, I had hoped to live the rest of my life with him, but that dream is shattered and very unrealizable now.


We came back from Benue State where we live and work to our village for our marriage introduction, two days later the story changed from the expected happiness now to sorrows and pains in our hearts.
His uncles after investigations discovered that we have the same lineage and it is forbidden, infact it is a taboo for us to sleep together let alone marry each other.
The worst being that I am pregnant for him, the pregnancy has entered the fourth month.
The story is that our grand father a polygamist married one of his wives from a village called Umunkpee, and after some years they had problem and the woman left with her children back to her village and there, she raised her children including my man’s father a retired accountant.
My own grandmother who was married to the same man stayed back in the marriage with the other wives and raised my own father an Anglican Priest. The truth is that we are cousins.
Tongues have started wagging in his village and in my own village. He has ran back to Benue.
We are the bott of jokes in my community as it stands, I can’t think clearly, I have been deserted by almost everybody except for an old secondary school mate who normally comes around to visit me. She was the one that convinced me to seek help from you, since there seems to be none coming from close relatives.
My worry is what to do now that I have know that I have a patrilineal relationship with the guy I ever loved.
Joyce from Benue.


Dear Joyce,
Your situation is pathetic and very delicate. The deed is done and as human beings we cannot do anything to turn the hands of time.
Though you two were ignorant of your patrilineal affinity before this time, you will not be totally exonerated from blames.
If you had exercised restrain especially as it concerns pre-marital sex you wouldn’t have been found  yourself in your present situation, that is why the Bible warned against fornication.
Sometimes we pay dearly for our mistakes. The payment or punishment can come in various forms.
Since marriage between you two is forbidden, then you must zero your mind on that. Try and cheer up so that your health and that of your unborn baby will not be affected.
You still can make something meaningful out of this life, if only you will avoid this type of costly mistake from repeating itself on you.
Give your best to nurture your pregnancy and also love the baby when it is born.
Worries and confusions can never reduce the size of your predicament, rather they will increase it. So stop being worried and confused, pray because there is no situation prayers cannot change.
Pray more now, and you will see those pains and agony fizzle away like the morning dew.
It is well bye bye.