Hi Bro Fuston,
I want to share my long time burden with you so that I can have peace.
There is this girl I love so much and it’s been over three years I have been disturbing her but she was with another man. She is currently in 100 Level in a higher institution.


Recently, she told me she has broke up with her boy friend. She accused him of not loving her but pretended to have loved her.
Since then I have been approaching her for a relationship but she said to me that if I love her much as I claim she is yet to see that.
She also told me that she wants to focus on her studies and is not ready for a relationship now.
I want to marry her because she’s is not like other used materials of nowadays, she has ambition towards a successful future.
As it is I have not won her heart and I have barely two weeks left to travel to Russia in furtherance of my education and I don’t know what to do so that she can love and wait for me.
Please advise me.
I am Raphael from Kwara.

Dear Raphael,
You can take a horse to the stream but you cannot force the horse to drink from the stream.
Unfortunately I do not know the girl’s age to know if she can handle relationship or emotional issues with her studies in the university.
Which is actually her problem? She has not seen enough love coming from you or that she wants to focus on her studies, which?
Well in answering your question directly I am of the opinion that you continue with your proposed trip for further studies in Russia. You can still win her heart from afar if indeed you two are destined to stay together.
She may want to focus on her studies but I can sense some level of skepticism, the expression of doubt on the level of love you have for her explains this.
The world has been reduced to a global village. You can explore the technological means in the world today to make a lasting impression on her.
Some women are adepts in testing the resolve of a man and in this case, patience and perseverance can bring the much-needed result. Don’t let distance be a hindrance to your happiness, don’t be too forward, constantly find a way to make her know that you genuinely love and would want to spend the rest of your life with her.        

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