By Deborah Uzoma

Dr. Aminat Ige is a woman for every season, with many colourful parts. She won the award for Best Ph.D. Thesis Award, University of Lagos, 2022/2023 Session.

T.D.Jakes in The Lady:Her Private Garden, remarks: Yes! There are things you shouldn’t hear. Look at your life and clear out the weeds that were planted by the words of others.
You need to remove those seeds before they germinate and take root.


Dr. Aminat exemplifies this, she severed the weeds that were planted by challenges: Loss of the breadwinning parent, Cancer, Depression, Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media, Divorce, Single parenting, and other life issues that were enough to break her but she managed to live her life fully.

Thankfully, she remarried and survived.

“In your journey to greatness, many genuine problems will come up. You’ll be tempted to slow down to attend to them. You don’t want the world to call you shameless. Turn your back on them. On those people. On those problems.”

“If you slow down, and end up with zero goals achieved, the world will still call you shameless! ” Dr. Aminat Ige.

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In her valedictory speech, she said that for every step backward, she had three steps forward to conquer.

She challenged her listeners to know that it is not all that gloomy, there is hope as long there is life. You have HOPE, treasure this, and keep moving.

The doyen called on the Government and private sector to look into the renewed hope in Academia. That’s the power of winning. It gives you an edge to speak not only to your listening audience but also to the power that controls the affairs of the state.

Dr Aminat wants to hear your story and assist in the way she can. She has created a paid mentorship class, Brave Hearts Mentoring Hub (BHMH) and launched the Winning against All OddsAAO) program to help Us win as she won.

Wouldn’t you like to join BHMH?


“No gree for failure” was her mantra which she put into action. You and I CAN!