Segxy, the bodyguard of popular singer Davido, has spoken out following a viral video that sparked rumors of an altercation at Davido’s recent wedding. The clip, which surfaced online, showed Davido seemingly admonishing his bodyguard, leading to speculation that the singer had assaulted him.

In response, Segxy took to Instagram to clarify the situation, labeling the video as “fake.” He emphasized that Davido did not slap him and has never laid a hand on any of his staff.

“My boss didn’t slap me and has never slapped any of his staff before,” Segxy explained. “He was only cautioning me to allow the boy. The boy in question appeared from nowhere beside us, and I tried to stop him.”

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Segxy further highlighted the close bond he shares with Davido, describing the singer as his “blood and family.” He noted that he understands Davido’s intentions without needing verbal communication, affirming their loyalty with “30BG for life.”

By addressing the rumors head-on, Segxy hopes to dispel any misconceptions and underscore the respect and understanding within Davido’s team.