In the wake of relentless downpours and subsequent landslides across various regions of China, a devastating incident claimed the lives of six family members seeking refuge from floodwaters.

The family had fled their inundated home in a flood-ravaged lowland area and sought safety in a building situated on higher ground in Fujian Province. Unfortunately, the structure collapsed under the weight of a landslide triggered by the heavy rains, burying them in rubble.

Rescue teams discovered the bodies of the victims amidst the debris of the collapsed building, highlighting the perilous consequences of the ongoing severe weather. Reports from the area indicated that the family had chosen the building due to its elevated location, hoping it would provide shelter from the rising floodwaters.

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The recent spate of heavy rainfall, which has persisted since last Sunday, has inflicted substantial human and material losses across China. By Friday, the death toll in Guangdong, a neighboring province of Fujian, had climbed to 47 due to floods, landslides, and related incidents like house collapses and uprooted trees.

The National Meteorological Centre of China issued warnings on Saturday, cautioning about the likelihood of further severe weather conditions, particularly in southern provinces and select northern regions.