Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, known as Portable, has revealed that he was encouraged to fight with fellow artist Davido but chose not to. Portable shared that his decision was rooted in loyalty to Davido, who had helped him in the past.

During an Instagram Live session on Thursday, Portable, currently in the United States, explained his stance. “Don’t fight your helper,” he said. “They pushed me to fight with Davido but I didn’t listen to them because I’m loyal to my helper. Once I see Davido I’m blessed.”

Portable emphasized the importance of loyalty, stating that he couldn’t turn against someone who had supported him. This revelation came after Davido offered to take him out, further solidifying their positive relationship.


The “Zazu” singer’s comments highlight his gratitude and respect for Davido, contrasting with the controversy that often surrounds his public persona. By refusing to engage in conflict, Portable aims to maintain the goodwill between them.

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The backstory of their relationship underscores the music industry’s interconnected nature, where artists often rely on one another for support and collaboration. Portable’s decision reflects a broader principle of loyalty and gratitude in personal and professional relationships.

As Portable continues his career, his refusal to fight Davido serves as a reminder of the value of maintaining positive connections with those who have helped along the way. Fans and followers have praised Portable for his loyalty and wisdom in handling the situation.

In an industry frequently marked by rivalries and disputes, Portable’s actions stand out as an example of choosing respect and gratitude over conflict.