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“Who Do You Think Should Resign Between Husband And Wife?” – Lady Asks Marital Question

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter and asked an honest marital question. She asked who should quit his/her job between a husband and wife.

Using a couple as a case study, she stated that the woman and the man work in the same company. The woman earns way higher than the man.

They are about to get married and the company doesn’t allow couples to work together. She therefore asked her fans and followers who should quit the job between the two of them.


Her words,

“Woman earns 1million naira,

Man earns 400k, they work in the same company and they’re about to get married.

It’s against the company’s rules for couples to work together, who should resign please


Honest answers”.

Khan wrote:

“I will find a better job with better offer and resign from that one “.

Great one wrote:

“As a man, I will resign, move to another company to demand something higher than what she earns”.


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