Charismatic Catholic priest, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, called for a uniform salary of N62,000 for all public servants, including senators, governors, and House of Representatives members, following the proposal for a new national minimum wage.

Speaking passionately against the large allowances allocated to lawmakers, Mbaka highlighted the severe hardships faced by ordinary Nigerians. He questioned the fairness in the disparity of earnings, arguing that the current system treats politicians and other civil servants as if they belonged to different classes of society.

The Federal Government, after prolonged discussions with a tripartite committee, proposed a new minimum wage of N62,000, down from the labor union’s demand of N494,000, which they later reduced to N250,000.


Mbaka urged the government to approach the matter with sensitivity, warning that mishandling could lead to widespread unrest. He emphasized that if N62,000 was deemed sufficient for ordinary workers, it should also be suitable for lawmakers and high-ranking officials.

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He expressed disbelief over the extravagant allowances enjoyed by politicians, which include sitting, wardrobe, newspaper, and suffering allowances. According to him, the true sufferers are those in rural areas who barely make ends meet.

Mbaka drew attention to the plight of essential workers like teachers, nurses, and doctors, who receive meager salaries despite their hard work. He argued that a more realistic approach was needed to address the inequities faced by civil servants who endure long hours for inadequate pay.

In a final appeal, he urged the government to act promptly and wisely, cautioning that failure to address the issue fairly could lead to unforeseen consequences.