Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes has expressed his desire to emulate the career of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, especially in their shared journey with Portugal’s national team. As both players prepare to represent Portugal in the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024, Fernandes spoke passionately about his ambitions.

In an interview with Portugal’s official social media channel, Fernandes revealed his admiration for Ronaldo, stating, “One day I want to reach the level he is at. I want to play where he plays.” His words highlight the deep respect and inspiration he draws from Ronaldo’s illustrious career.

Fernandes detailed his aspirations, mentioning his desire to master the skills that Ronaldo is famous for. “To do the feints he does, shoot the way he does,” Fernandes said, underscoring his commitment to improving his game by emulating Ronaldo’s techniques.

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Reflecting on the impact of idols, Fernandes explained how watching Ronaldo has influenced his own style of play. “You see these moves that our idols do and try to recreate them in our own way,” he shared, indicating how Ronaldo’s influence extends beyond admiration to tangible efforts in his own training and performance.

As Euro 2024 approaches, fans eagerly anticipate watching Fernandes and Ronaldo on the field together, with Fernandes striving to follow in the legendary footsteps of his role model. Their partnership promises to be a thrilling highlight for Portugal in the tournament.