The Adamawa State University Mubi (ADSU) faced a significant setback as a fire engulfed its Faculty of Management Sciences building. The incident, which occurred recently, has prompted swift action from the state government to aid in recovery efforts.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, during his three-day working visit to the northern part of Adamawa State, visited the site of the fire on Saturday. Accompanied by the Acting Vice Chancellor, Dr. Stephen Lagu, the governor expressed his condolences to the university’s management, staff, and students.

In a bid to restore the damaged infrastructure, Governor Fintiri assured that the state government would prioritize the renovation of the affected building. Beyond immediate repairs, he announced a transformative plan to install a solar power system to ensure a reliable electricity supply for the university.


“Our government is committed to supporting Adamawa State University. We will not only renovate the damaged faculty but also provide a solar power system that will serve both the old and new campuses,” Governor Fintiri stated. He highlighted a collaboration with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to establish a mega solar farm capable of meeting the university’s energy needs.

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The introduction of solar power is expected to enhance the university’s operational efficiency and reduce its dependence on traditional power sources. This move aligns with broader sustainability goals and provides a resilient energy solution for the institution.

Governor Fintiri emphasized the importance of ADSU to the state and its people, reaffirming his administration’s commitment to maintaining the university’s esteemed ranking within the country. “This university is dear to the government and people of our state. We will do all it takes to ensure the institution maintains its ranking in the country,” he said.

The fire incident, though a major disruption, has catalyzed efforts to improve the university’s infrastructure and energy sustainability, marking a new chapter in ADSU’s resilience and development.