Uzodimma, one year after: So far, it has been a period of steady progress

By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

Today is exactly one year since Senator Hope Uzodimma assumed office as Governor of Imo state. This is a fact but beyond that, it is important that we don’t forget where we were and the condition of Imo state prior to that time. It is also important we give God the glory for helping us to get to this point we are today. The past two years, clearly have witnessed its ups and downs in the state, its low and high points. It has been a two years of intense and bitter opposition political attacks, sponsored insecurity, strenuous efforts at recovering what have been stolen from the state by the previous administration. Indeed, it has been a two years of political muscle flexing. It has been a two years of all attempts to discredit the modest achievements of Gov Uzodimma by those we all know..

Suffice it to say that today marked the two years of what can rightly be seen as the manifestation of Divine emancipation of Imo state from the stronghold of those who gave God a little space in the affairs of their government and felt that might is right. After Okorocha ruled Imo state the way he ruled and the little space Ihedioha occupied though, through default, Imo state was literally bleeding profusely untill Uzodimma came and inherited a dysfunctional system-a system that debased the psyche of some of the citizens including the Youths.

Lest you forget, before Uzodimma came, we had a state where some persons were meant to see mere building of brick and mortal as a major achievement by a government. We had a state where there was this mad scrambling and partitioning of Imo lands by those in government as a way of life because everybody in government was following the footstep of the Oga on top at the Douglas House. We had a state that the man at the helm of affairs of the Imo government openly declared his aversion for rule of law and due process.

We had a state with unimaginable garnishee court judgements that was strangulating the lean federal allocation for Imo which were incured under Okorocha’s government because of his disdain for rule of law and due process. We had a state with almost the worst road network in the country. We had a state with mountainous arrears of pension, salaries and gratuities and where even workers were forced to negotiate 70% payment. We had a state where Contractors were given contract and they were forced to sign 70% payment but only got less than 15% because a certain government used the money to lobby for the judicial authentication of the 2019 guber election.

Also, we had a state that nothing was working. A state where no sector of the economy was in good sharp. A state where there was no single motorable road. A state where what matters was the establishment of a political dynasty than doing things that would favour the people. This was the state of Imo when Uzodimma came on January 15.

Recall also that he met no single cash in the purse of Imo. Recall that he came and Covid-19 broke out and the world economy was affected adeversely. Recall that he came without a hand over note. Recall that he came and inherited a corrupt civil service system. Recall that he came and met a completely bad road network. Recall that he came and also started battling with obviously sponsored insecurity to the point that there was a jail break that further worsened the situation among other problems.

It is important we understand these situations.. Meanwhile, despite all these debilitating challenges, the truth is that Governor Uzodimma has done very well under these two years. So far, about 46 roads have been completed across the state with others at different stages of completion including the two longest roads of Orlu/Owerri and Owerri/Okigwe. So far, there is now a fully automated civil service payroll. Today, Imo workers and Pensioners receive their pay without any hassle monthly. Go and ask. Today, the Ballon Technology which is a novel in the entire south East that had addressed the perennial flooding around Chukwuma Nwoha/MCC, Egbu roads and its axis.

Also today, the decayed infrastructure in Imo state and several abandoned industries are being revived. Today, Agricultural sector is being placed at the front burner. Today, ISOPADEC funds are being used to develop the Oil producing areas as several constracts are being undertaking. Today, there have been several youth empowerments, such never seen in the state before. Today, the Stakeholders and government interface quarterly in order to bring the people up to speed with government activities. Today, there is a reduction in corruption in the system. Today, the hitherto government confrontational approach with the church is over etc.

So, it has been a two years of steady progress. It has been a two years where there is a silver lining in the sky. Yes, we are not there yet but there is a sincere leadership that is determined to take us far in the state. Indeed, it is a two years that God is taking the full glory and Imo is now on a path of progress.

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approve of this piece.

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