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Register Today : Workshop On Quick Books Desktop / Online Masterclass ( From Basic to Advance level)

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Date: September 4th, 11th, 18th 2021
For Tutor -Led Class: 9am – 4pm ( 3 Saturdays)
Workshop fee: N90, 000 per Participant
Venue: HCA Global Consult Learning Centre,
23, Acme Road, Ogba Industrial Scheme, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos
Note: Limited Space Available / Nose Mask Compulsory

For online: Delivery via Zoom
Time: 9am – 4pm ( 3 Saturdays)
Online course fee: 80,000 per Participant
Venue: Zoom

Eastern Emirates Suits Event Center

Program Overview:
Quick books is an accounting software program design by intuit for businesses, enterprises and self-employed professionals, users of data for easy accounting computation and accountabilities. The purpose of Quick books is to give businesses the insight, power to do all of their accounting transactions, including invoicing, inventories, payroll and paying bills with in-depth knowledge on features of Quick books right from the convenience of your laptop or desktop computer system.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Participants should be able to master the Quick books environment workspace and comfortable with the usefulness of menus, icons, methodologies and navigating tools.
  • Learn to start , backup, setting up various users and restoring company files
  • Mastering how to create new customers, vendors, service items, inventory items and maintain the porter
  • Master invoicing, bills, payments, sales receipt, and credit memo
  • Importing and data, files into Quick books and exporting reports in Excel or PDF
  • maintain payroll, Tax’s, checks, budgeting and journal entering
  • Discover how to set up a chart of accounts, reconcile your checking account and create an estimate.
  • Understand how to track payables and receivables.
  • Printing and previewing statement in various format
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Course Outline
Getting Around in Quick Books

  1. The Home Page
  2. The Centers
  3. The Menu Bar and Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. The Navigators
  5. The Open Window List
  6. The Icon Bar
  7. Customizing the Icon Bar
  8. Using the Shortcuts List
  9. The Chart of Accounts
  10. Accounting Methods
  11. Financial Reports

Creating a QuickBooks Company File

  1. Using the EasyStep Interview
  2. Returning to the Easy Step Interview
  3. Creating a Backup File
  4. Restoring a Backup File
  5. Setting Up Users
  6. Single and Multiple User Modes
  7. Closing Company Files
  8. Opening a Company File

Using Lists

  1. Using Lists
  2. The Chart of Accounts
  3. The Customers & Jobs Tab
  4. The Customer Job List
  5. The Employees Tab
  6. The Employee List
  7. The Vendors Tab
  8. The Vendors List
  9. Using Custom Fields
  10. Sorting List
  11. Inactivating and Reactivating List Items
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Setting Up Sales Tax

  1. The Sales Tax Process
  2. Setting Up Your Tax Agencies
  3. Setting Up Your Tax Rates
  4. Creating a Sales Tax Group
  5. Setting Sales Tax Preferences
  6. Indicating Who and What Is Taxed

Setting Up Inventory

  1. Setting Up Inventory
  2. Creating Inventory Items
  3. Creating a Purchase Order
  4. Receiving Items with a Bill
  5. Entering Item Receipts
  6. Matching Bills to Item Receipts
  7. Adjusting Inventory

Setting Up Other Items

  1. Service Items
  2. Non-Inventory
  3. Other Charges
  4. Subtotals
  5. Groups
  6. Discounts
  7. Payments
  8. Inventory Parts

Basic Sales

  1. Selecting a Sales Form
  2. Creating an Invoice
  3. Creating a Sales Receipt
  4. Finding Old Invoices
  5. Previewing Invoices
  6. Printing Invoices

Using Price Levels

  1. Using Price Levels
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Payment Processing

  1. Recording Customer Payments
  2. Entering a Partial Payment
  3. Applying One Payment to Multiple Jobs
  4. Entering Overpayments
  5. Entering Down Payments or Prepayments
  6. Applying Customer Credits
  7. Making Deposits

Handling Refunds

  1. Creating a Credit Memo and Refund Check
  2. Refunding Customer Payments

Entering and Paying Bills

  1. Setting Billing Preferences
  2. Entering Bills
  3. Paying Bills
  4. Early Bill Payment Discounts
  5. Entering a Vendor Credit
  6. Applying a Vendor Credit

Paying Sales Tax

  1. Sales Tax Reports
  2. Using the Sales Tax Payable Register
  3. Paying Your Tax Agencies


  1. Graph and Report Preferences
  2. Using Quick Reports
  3. Zooming in on a Quick Report
  4. Using Preset Reports
  5. Modifying and Filtering a Report
  6. Memorizing a Report
  7. Memorized Report Groups
  8. Printing Reports
  9. Printing Forms
    10.Exporting Reports to Excel
  10. Saving PDF Files


  1. Making Estimates for a Job
  2. Duplicating Estimates
  3. Invoicing From Estimates
  4. Updating Job Statuses
  5. Inactivating Estimates
  6. Making Purchases for a Job
  7. Invoicing for Job Costs
  8. Using Job Reports
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  1. The Payroll Process
  2. Creating Payroll Items
  3. Setting Employee Defaults
  4. Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
  5. Writing Paychecks to Employees
  6. Voiding Paychecks
  7. Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
  8. Paying Your Payroll Tax Liabilities
  9. Adjusting Payroll Liabilities
  10. Entering Liability Refund Checks
  11. Process Payroll Forms
  12. Tracking Workers Compensation

Using Credit Card Accounts

  1. Creating Credit Card Accounts
  2. Entering Credit Card Charges
  3. Reconciling and Paying Credit Cards

Working with Asset and Liability Accounts

  1. Assets and Liabilities
  2. Using an Other Current Asset
  3. Removing Value from Other Current Asset Accounts
  4. Creating Fixed Asset Accounts
  5. Setting the Original Cost of the Fixed Assets
  6. Tracking Depreciation
  7. Liability Accounts
  8. The Loan Manager
  9. The Fixed Asset Item List
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Equity Accounts

  1. Equity Accounts
  2. Recording an Owner’s Draw
  3. Making a Capital Investment

Company Management

  1. Viewing Your Company Information
  2. Setting Up Budgets
  3. Using the To Do List
  4. Using Reminders and Setting Preferences
  5. Making Journal Entries
  6. Using the Cash Flow Projector

Using QuickBooks Tools

  1. Archiving and Condensing Data
  2. Exporting Data
  3. Importing Data
  4. Updating QuickBooks
  5. Using the Calculator
  6. Using the Portable Company Files
    Using the Accountant’s Review
  7. Creating an Accountant’s Copy
  8. Using the Accountant’s Copy
  9. Importing Changes to Your Company File

Using Bank Accounts

  1. Using Registers
  2. Writing Checks
  3. Writing a Check for Inventory
  4. Printing Checks
  5. Transferring Funds
  6. Reconciling Accounts
  7. Voiding Checks

For Seat Reservation Call Now : 08051365946

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