BY Egejuru Austin T.

The good people of Mbaitoli-Ikeduru, and Imolites in general, had their eyes glued to the stage since few days now, waiting to see how Uche Ogbuagu entertain his few audience with his loudly announced Media Comedy Show. But unfortunately and very pathetically, Uche Ogbuagu’s comedy tuned out to be very cold, bored, unattractive, and badly choreographed. In the comedy, Uche Ogbuagu displayed nothing but emptiness, fictitious fictions, conjured cock and bull story, which Ndi Mbaike rejected and threw back at his face like a rotten tomatoe.


The regrettable attention unintentionally given to hear something reasonable and logical from Uche Ogbuagu, turned out to be a complete waste of time not worth a second.

A whole lot of people were disappointed with Uche Ogbuagu, as it was seen that topmost in his long announced media outing was all about Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, nothing more.

First in his agenda was Nwawuba. Second, Nwawuba. Third, Nwawuba. No other issue bordering on core governance in Ikeduru, Mbaike or Imo State was too serious to attract his attention other than Nwawuba.

Ndi Mbaike have taken notice of the drum of undeserved media war Uche Ogbuagu is drumming in Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency, particularly targeted at Rt. Hon Henry Nwawuba, in his desperate bid to malign the character and person of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, and as well diminish Nwawuba’s towering popularity and public acceptance in MBAIKE.


I wish to disappoint Uche Ogbuagu that Rt. Hon Henry Nwawuba can not dance to the drum of a mad drummer. He will not condescend to the level of exchanging unnecessary tantrums with any of constituents, including Uche Ogbuagu.

Engaging in such macabre dance does not, and will not in any way bring desired development and good representation to Ndi Mbaike which Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba is earnestly yearning for, and unwaveringly committed to.

Mbaike’s development, not destruction is an undertaking Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba has repeatedly assured Ndi Mbaike of, and he is not willing to renege on it. Not even Uche Ogbuagu, or anyone else can make him break this vow.

Hon. Henry Nwawuba

I have come to the realization that Uche Ogbuagu has chosen to be driven by the infamous saying that “all is fair in the act of war” even though the said war exist only in his widest imagination. It is upon this principle that he has deployed several unconventional, crude, and evil tactics to prosecute his political mission that is bound to crash midway.

It is welcomed, and very agreeable to hear Uche Ogbuagu indicating interest in any public office of his choice, but it is unholy, inhuman and intolerable to peg the realization of such ambition on the maligning and belligerent assassination of some other person’s character, like that of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, or any one else’s.

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I give it to Uche Ogbuagu to continue with his deceptive style of confusing people with lies if it suits his conscience and god, but such habit should have a limit. It should not be accepted as a standard of politicking in Mbaike politics.

As the validly elected representative of the good people of Mbaitoli-Ikeduru, Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, doesn’t shy away from the responsibility of rendering his account of stewardship to his constituents intermittently. Infact, Nwawuba personally enjoys the pleasure of keeping his constituents abreast with what he has done, what he intends to do, challenges encountered and alternative solutions proffered. He has also used several fora to take feedbacks from his constituents. The last was the constituency briefing held in February, 2020 at the Mbaitoli Local Government Chapel, with the 64 President Generals of the 64 Autonomous Communities in Mbaitoli-Ikeduru.

For the records, Rt. Hon Henry Nwawuba’s rendered his 3 years scorecard at the last quarter of 2018, prior to the 2019 General Election, which caused Uche Ogbuagu to vigorously campaign for his reelection in 2019. More so, to mark his one year in the 9th House of Representatives, Nwawuba equally wrote to his constituents detailing his account in the last one year.

Uche Ogbuagu’s kangaroo attempt to cause the probe of account of leadership of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba in Mbaike, is simply shady, spurious and inconsequential. It’s a call made in bad taste which lacks every iota of reason and objectivity.

Interestingly and to my great relieve, my attention was drawn to a watery, incoherent and empty petition purportedly written by Uche Ogbuagu to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), calling for the investigation of funds purportedly accrued to Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency since 2015, under the leadership of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, among other sundry allegations.

This development if proven to be any thing to go by, is indeed welcomed. It will again turn out to be another opportunity for Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba to once again display his scorecard and raise his flag high.

On the other hand, Uche Ogbuagu should go and sorrow, for he has shot himself in the foot with his latest move. EFCC’s invitation will put paid to his series of lies and deceptive tendencies.

EFCC’s summons, and other follow ups are confidently been awaited. I am sure EFCC will vindicate the just, and reprimand the ungodly.

Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba is not trembled not fidgeted. He stands firm like the solid Rock of Gibraltar.

He can not fall to the antics of characters like Uche Ogbuagu. Nwawuba’s head is held high. Very focused and undistracted.

Ndi Mbaike should congratulate themselves from the gift of Nwawuba, and never cease to EXPECT MORE.