By Amara Ike

Chichi: I am 22 years  a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, I must tell you the truth, I will like to get married to a man of 30yrs. A man who is mature and has knowledge of how to love and care for his wife. A 30 years old man would have decided to settle down and take up family responsibilities. Such man will give you care love to make you happy, and he knows that you are so dear to his heart. He will be patient with you and correct you with love.
Princess Agu: If the man is good and presentable and has at least 80 percent of what I need in a man, either older or younger than me, I don’t care. The man must be educated, highly known in the society, a man that has a good vision. The man that will love and care for me the way I am and also satisfy me sexually.
Age is just number one, will accept the man as long as he loves me and trusts me. Marriage is built with love and trust. Any home that doesn’t have this, problem easily comes in. Marriage is a union which God blesses and encourages.
Blessing Obasi: I am 24 years old. In my own point of view; I don’t count on age because it is just a number. It is not much necessary to me. I consider love, trust, understanding, respect, caring, encouragement, faith in God vision and humility.
Chizoba: I will not even make mistake to marry a man that is older than me. They are wicked and they lack trust.
I cannot even walk with him on the road no matter how he loves me. The man will be in a haste to produce children without even spacing because he doesn’t know when he will die.
Joy: I will not marry any man that is 10 yrs or five  years above my age. He is old enough to be my father or uncle such people will want to intimidate you.
He will be using my blood to refresh his. I may grow older than my age because of his old blood. I want to marry a man that is three yrs older than I because I want both of us to enjoy ourselves and bring up our children with love and care.
The children will be growing up with us.
Joy Opara: Nawa O! I can’t marry a man am older than O because the respect will not be there.
I will just  be seeing it from the angle of a junior student ordering a junior student around. No matter how I try to adjust my senses to understand him as my husband, I will still fall prey to using abusive words on him before I can remember he is my husband. But if I marry a man older than I am, before I speak a word to him, I will adjust myself, check them properly before releasing them with the fear that he might beat the hell out of me and I won’t be able to retaliate, but the younger husband, I will even have the morale to flog him. (Laughs)
Priscilla: I will like to marry someone that is older than me with 10 years and above. The man must have money.
But if I should marry someone that is younger than I, that means I must also have money.