I appreciate your concern for troubled relationships, may God bless you.
I am a 24 year-old girl in a relationship with a 32 year old man, I met him in Lagos last year when I traveled to be with my elder brother and his family.
He is a Yoruba Muslim man while I am a Christian, my mum is the president of our church women wing.
We both love ourselves, my brother knew about our relationship and the first time warned me not to have anything to do with him, he sent me back to the east because of this guy when he discovered I was still going out with him.
I am a virgin and he has respected this, though we have kissed and caressed severally he has never asked me for sex.
He has visited me here in the East three good times since I came back from Lagos. I have also gone to Lagos to see him once, stayed in his house for one whole week yet he did not ask me for sex.
We have been in constant communication since then and now he has declared his intentions to marry me. My Mum is against it when I told her and I have made it known to this guy that it will not work out between us but he kept begging me.
I love him and would have loved to marry him despite his religion what do you think? Do I disobey my people?
Ucheoma lives in Owerri.

Dear Ucheoma,
Marriage is not done in hurry, because it is a life time engagement. There are so many considerations when one tries to engage in marriage.
The guy in question is a Muslim and you and your people are Christians, two opposite religions and you should bear in mind that religion is the opium of the people.
This is a fundamental difference that should not be taken lightly. Remember that the Islamic religion permits the men to marry more than one wife. Can you condole and bear this if it begins to happen?
Are you ready to forsake your people and probably ridicule your Mum before fellow women whom she leads in your church?
Marriage is not all about companionship or bearing children. It also requires a companion that will help you be with God on the appearing of His Son Jesus Christ.
Do you think that marrying a Muslim will afford you the liberty to exercise your Christian faith to the fullest?
My dear, the considerations are many and complex, so I suggest that you listen to your people in other to be happy and avoid regret that will follow marrying this guy that has no frame of reference with you.
Virgins are hot cakes, they are valued, wait for the man that will assist you worship God in the beauty of His holiness.
Kissing and hugging him is wrong and should be stopped, it can lead to eating the forbidden fruit.
Take care.

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