#LetterToSisters: Other things you never did with social media?

Dear Sisters,

What a lovely week it is for us and how well the year has been going for us. Well, it has not been too well in the voice of some people but if you can read this, the year has been too well for you because you are alive and strong.

This week, I want to steer this letter to a different direction because I don’t want the emotions of the sisters to be the only thing we can trade on. Today, we will be looking at something really unserious! Social media.

Why did you join?
Social media is like a church, we all attend in most cases because we have been born as Christians, and this will keep happening until God arrests us and boom! That rough sister is now a born again!

We all come to connect, make friends, more friends and more friends. Social media friends are endless, there is always a new one or two for every day. Sometimes we get husbands; boyfriends are normal things and we can also get jobs.

Even at this, most people cannot still say why they signed up on social media sites like Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, Baddo etc. Can you remember why you joined? Don’t tell me it had something to do with boredom.

What have you been doing?
Aside posing the same way with different cloths for most sisters, some people have really grown to become social media celebrities to the extent that people impersonate them.

You will just wonder why a silly post on Facebook attracts more than 200 comments and likes when the person has never said a word on radio or TV. This is something some Nigerian Celebrities can never boast of.

Some are ‘sex workers’, and all they do is connect to a brand new guy who is ready to pay for it, while others in the name of searching for love have ended up in the beds of most of their male friends.

“I don’t tell strangers things about me”, that is usually what she says when you meet her on the street, while all those infomation are clearly written on her Facebook wall. She can play hide and seek with a guy she meets on the street but can visit an online friend in less than two weeks of meeting him. Shame!

What have you been spending?
Some sisters spend a huge amount on internet subscription every month and still get nothing from it. You are unemployed and still run subscriptions on two phones just to maintain all your accounts. My own theory is that if what you are spending on social media is greater than what you are earning, think again and again because you are really on the wrong lane.

Some students cut into monies meant for very important things to get on the internet, while others go as far as sleeping with a guy to get the money. Is this really worth it? Sleeping with a guy to get connected so you can sleep with others! Okay ooh.

What have you not been doing?
Shout out to all the ladies who have put social media to good use and not those who pull hundreds of comments and only use it as bragging rights, you have been missing.

I know some great relationship coaches, public speakers and business ladies whose first empires were Facebook. They saw it as their comfort zones and made great use of it. I don’t want to mention names, but I know some ladies who were paid well by politicians to post for them during the last general elections.

These ladies understood that marketing is a game of number, no matter what the products are. If sex could be sold or social media, hairs, shoes, cloths, electronics, and other properties could be sold as well.

I am not saying you should turn from a social sister to a business sister, but chip the business in once in a while and cash in. it doesn’t matter if they call you ‘Ngozi Brazilian Hair’ or ‘Jennifer Italian Shoes’, as long they are buying, there is no problem.

This is probably what most unemployed sisters are not doing. And one thing you must know is that the business must not be yours. You can help someone sell the products; take your cut and everyone is happy.

Inbox that rich guy and say: “Dear, I have some great shirts that will really fit you, what if we hook up so I can show you?”, If he really likes/loves you, he will come.

“Oga, buy this shoe/cloth/jewelries for your wife. It is what all classy ladies are wearing”, you can say this to that married man disturbing you. He wants to impress you and his wife at the same time. He will buy, you are happy, he is happy and his wife is the happiest. This is better than jumping into his bed for money.

This could be done for several business, depending on what you have interest in. We cannot be crying of unemployment when telecommunication companies are making it big on us.

This is time to have a rethink. Stay lovely and beautiful.

Yours Faithfully,

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike,
chikisnow@yahoo.com | 08038704454 | Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:HardyNwa | BBM: 56226EE1

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