Wild Card Stifla
Wild Card Stifla has made a reputation with his presentation prowess at Hot 99.5 FM Owerri, especially on the Lunch Hour Show where he used to anchor with E-Berry.
Stifla who usually shies away from interviews, finally spoke to ROSELYN YOUNG of www.otowngist.com, revealing things about his life, career and relationships.

Many admire what he does and wish to be like him, but this young man has really gone through the thick and thin of life before making it to spotlight.
My name is Wild Card Stifla while my fake name is Onumonu Michael Chukwudi and I am from Anambra State.
Fake name?
(Chuckles) if you swap it, yes.
I did my primary and secondary school in Lagos State. After secondary school, I stayed in Lagos for a while because I didn’t make JAMB the first and second times.
While waiting, I developed most of the skills I have today by listening to music which inspired me so much to be what I am today.
I later gained admission into Imo State University to study Chemistry after my third JAMB and I graduated in 2010.
Journey to Hot 99.5 FM Owerri
After I graduated in 2010, I retained my room at the hostel because my rent was still on. I started a graphics line, ‘Stif Graphics’ and I was so passionate about that.
I used to work with my laptop and also play music in parties with it as well, that was how I was surviving.
My whole dream of graphics design was shut down when I was attacked by cultists who made away with my laptop. I felt I was going to die, I felt the whole world had come to an end.
One day I heard a jingle on a new radio station and felt good about it. After procrastinating, I decided to submit my demo CD, which I recorded at Harida’s studio.
Days past and I didn’t get a call from anyone so I decided to relocate to Lagos.
Few days to my travelling date, I got a call that I should come to Hot 99.5 FM Owerri for an interview.
When I came I realized it was going to be a reality show and I managed to make it to the final four with fourth position. I was also the only guy in the top four. And they needed just three people.
Having lost out, I felt it was not too late to go back to Lagos, but on my way out I was called back.
Some people in the station felt I had what it takes to work there and they spoke to the Studio Manager then, Princess Chi, who later made an announcement that they would be taking the only guy on the list.
That was just how I got in.
Going back to Chemistry
If I should realize that I’m no longer enjoying what I am doing today, I’ll surely go back.  It’s all about the pay; if I see a good one, fine. But given a choice, I’ll stick to this forever, because I enjoy doing it.
How you relax and hobbies
I watch WWE (wrestling), cartoons, play video games.  I’m a movie freak. I am not much of an outdoor person because I can be shy.
I don’t party that much because I am not much of an outdoor person.
Relationship status
(Laughs) I’d like to keep that aspect personal. That is why it’s called private life.
Your relationship with God
I have a very good relationship with God. In as much as I’m not as good as those preachers speaking in tongues but in all, I do mine in my own little way.
Getting born again and doing only Christian broadcasts
Hmmm, I have never thought of that, because right now I won’t say that I have the fire like that. We are all working for God in our various ways, I am doing mine and others are doing theirs as well.
Relationship with fans
I try to balance the equation. You know, being a public figure, one has to be very careful when dealing with people because tolerance levels differ in people. So what you say to make one person smile might make another angry and when people say things with the intention of hurting or making me angry, I just ignore them.
I just don’t want to say what I will regret.
Ever fallen for a female voice you heard on air?
No! Never!!  I keep it 100% professional
How do you feel when you are not recognized outside?
I think I like that part so much because it gives me the freedom to do stuffs that normal people do, things I can’t really do if my face is that known.
I don’t just bother about who is watching me, I just live a normal life, which is good for my kind of person.
Would you prefer TV to radio?
TV is good, but I am here now. It is all about the offer, if it is good, I will surely take it.

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