Dear Bro Fuston,
I am happy and also love the way you treated my issue which I presented to you the other time.
I have a friend whom I met six years ago. She is intelligent, beautiful and humble.
Among the girls I have tried to build a relationship with, she is the one that has always responded positively and effectively.


There are times I have made efforts to keep other relationship outside this girl but at the end, the person will not respond as I expected, even though I place caring calls, gave gifts, sent recharge cards, pay visits and lots more.
One day the lady asked me a question: Whether I have been moving forward or backward since I met her. I was shocked at the question.
Bro. Fuston, in my last mail to you, I mentioned it that I do not want to marry someone in school or one who is about to enter school.
The issue at hand now is that the girl in question had her NCE and worked for two years before going back for her degree, which she is currently doing.
From all indications we love each other. My question then is should I keep her or should I go for a working class lady? I need your advice.
Emeka in Owerri.

Dear Emeka,
The conditions of marriage are not hinged on if a woman is working or not.
The two most important things that should not be treated with levity by anybody willing to consummate a marriage is the character (attitude) of the would-be partner and love.
If you love each other earnestly and you see her attitude or behaviour corresponding with yours, then you can make your intentions known to her.
However, it is often difficult for one to move into a venture heavier than him, that is where honesty comes to play. Tell her you want to marry her but that you won’t be able to train her in the university with your current financial status.
If there is an agreement of marriage between you two, then you can work out how she could complete her degree programme.
Let me also tell you that giving is a secret means of genuine prosperity. When you give towards her education, definitely you will be rewarded. You can move by faith now and not by sight.
Before taking this leap of faith think well. If your faith is little you can wait till she is through with her degree. But if you have a mountain-moving faith, go ahead and make a move and God definitely will see you through.
Happy weekend