10 most gifted rappers in O’town

NotJustOk kicked it off and the impact of the list was felt in the national controversies it caused, where some rappers publicly rejected the list calling it ‘nonesense’.


After that list other sites and blogs took the opportunity to get to spotlight by creating regional lists for the various geopolitical zone in the country.
www.prezplay.net was first to put up a list of 10 most gifted rappers in South East with the title ‘The 10 Most Talented Igbo Rappers List’ which was also published on other sites and blogs.
www.2shymusic.com came up with their ‘10 most gifted rappers in Otown’ which has also been criticized by some intellectual visitors of the site.
Although some others have hailed the list which sits 2Blac at the bottom and X-Busta at the top, a certain reader who commented with the name, Jude Emedo made the list a laughing stock by saying that the site (www.2shymusic.com) admin posted a raw profile he got from the artistes without editing.
Jude said “What a sympathetic list written by a sympathetic blogger for sympathetic readers who sympathetically wish to be recognized”
Other points noted by the readers are the fact that no female rapper was included in the list, and some other queried why controversial rapper LMG, who was 4th on the list by  www.prezplay.net would be ranked 2nd on the list ahead of Profingaz, Acharaman, Aifee and Dawntawn.
Another conspicuous fault of the list was where it was said to be the choice of fans when there was never a post calling on fans to nominate rappers for the list.
With Slowdogg sitting on the 9th position on the list by www.prezplay.net and X-Buster, LMG, K-Large sitting on 6th, 4th and 3rd positions respectively, the big question goes thus: Are they better than SlowDogg?
Does anyone have the right to wake up and put a list of rappers?
When it is left for fans to decide, would it be sincere or just a game of numbers where one artiste will mobilize people to vote him to the top.
To me, it is not about votes and singles released; the list should be ready to answer almost every question that will come from reason and purpose. Else, it will be like others.
The idea of bloggers rating who they do not even know is funny, because if someone has done enough to be on the list, his citation should be written by the blogger via the achievements that brought him to the list and not the profile that remains constant.
Satisfying reason and purpose shows the creativity of the writer/blogger who is expected to dazzle from the beginning of artistes career, his peak, to his lows and controversies, avoiding the same beginning for every artiste.
The bests are worthy shoulders who have lifted the rap game as well as other rappers and not just over hyped rappers who have nothing but a name to hold onto. This is surely one way to avoid making such lists ‘contentless’ just like Jude Emedo commented on www.2shymusic.com.
Bloggers should also avoid unnecessary lies such as saying that fans voted when no one actually did, such cheap lies make us lose credibility and no one wants that at this level.