Dear Fuston,
I am searching for a God fearing and trustworthy man for a life relationship.
I had a man who does not like me to serve God. We parted our ways because he wanted to use me for rituals.
Another important thing I would like to know from you is this, is sex a form of exercise?


I have not had it for some years now, is it ok for me to stay without sex for long?
Divine H. Chinwe

Dear Divine,
I thank God for delivering you from that man that wanted to use you for rituals, for those that worship God in the beauty of his holiness such would not be their portion.
I am believing that you are mature for a married life, hence you seek a God fearing man, you did not mention your age to me in your mail, but if you are in school especially in the secondary school, I suggest you concentrate more on your studies than marriage for now.
If you must have a God fearing man as a husband, then you must be God fearing yourself, present yourself an honest and trustworthy fellow. Hand your desires to God in prayers and then see things fix themselves.
I encourage you to remain without involving in pre-marital sexual affair, it pays to stay away from sin.
It does not matter how long you remain without sex. It does not hamper anything from you physically and spiritually rather it avails you the opportunity for spiritual lifting and will secure you from those dangers that emanate from sexual sin like STDs, unwanted pregnancy, abnormal use of contraceptives that can lead to damages in your system and more.
Finally, it is true that sex is a form of exercise, but it is the type of exercise that is morally allowed in the stadium of marriage.
This form of exercise when it is done outside marriage, can lead to many untold hardship and regrets, don’t be deceived into believing that because it is a type of exercise anybody at anytime can indulge it.
Wait for the appropriate time, that is my warning to you, the right man will show up at the time God approves for you.
Don’t panic, be faithful, your time has come. Happy weekend.

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