IN the riddles of this puzzled flag a crack,
where air passes through;

where the wind of change, refuses to help it fly-away from doom,
to salvation; is that in independence
no freedom,
Or in freedom no dignity?



Our prime itches in a rack
how can we be free without truth; clearly strange,

Strange before the periphery of wretchedness,
hovering over this hinterland –

Where is the flag of happiness?


Maybe in the darkness that changes our song,
to “up NEPA!” a chorus;

First words of a new born, in my home!

…I see it in the tears of all who lost ,
the aroma of their breath to bomb and dust,
I wish I can kidnap the ocean and fill it in a gong,
but I can only beg the rain to water my corn,

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for there is no water in my home- I thirst!!,
not of blood, not of ‘Oil’ –

but water of peace first!,


I hear oil can keep us alive – but fuel can burn me!,
yet from this oil a fuel is born

That which give us life, begets our death;

We only hear of democracy, but beholds on the stool of ignorance a Nation so crazy,
it’s my Home!! Even when no tribal peace I see,
it’s a place where both vipers and lamb co-exist and live,

God bless NIGERIA.
Happy birthday NIGERIA



By Hillary Uzomba