Many lists have come up, and for sure and hearts have been broken.
It is time to mend those hearts by giving the listeners of music the opportunity to say who the bests are.


Fans are to nominate their favourite rap artistes for the forthcoming list of 10 most gifted rappers in O’town which will be published in www.otowngist.com and other blogs.
Fans should be aware that their nominations should satisfy reason and purpose; they are not to nominate because they know the artiste but to nominate because such rapper has what it takes to be on the list.
Nominations will posted on www.facebook.com/otowngist with the rappers’ name and twitter handle(where it is known) or on twitter by mentioning @otowngist with the rappers’ name and twitter handle (where it is known).
Everyone is eligible to nominate (including those who are not following @otowngist) and the more the nominations (from different people), the better for the artistes.
Nominations ends on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 while the main voting starts their after for the shortlisted artistes.

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