This day has been mere on calendars,
I either ate, played and prayed when it’s a Sunday,
But now I make a wait, dancing to clocks,
Getting ready for that very moment,
When a darling celebrates.


 Thoughts may be gapped by distance,
And the cheering glasses can’t make a clink,
We still recorded voices and sing,
Uncomposed  lines that thrill the hearts,
Things we do, When a darling celebrates.

I didn’t see you dance, but I believed,
You didn’t see me pray, but you received,
A blessing of laughter, love and pack of years,
Even God signs prayer requests,
When a darling celebrates.

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When a darling celebrates,
More love flow and dreams come true,
My umbrella covers your city from rain,
I’ll wrap the moon for your darkness,
A gift, only when a darling celebrates.

This day has been mere on calendars,
They tell our meeting stories in whispers,
Now you believe, time knows us.
Cut your cake without white gown,
I can only write this, when a darling celebrates.


Happy birthday my dear Hannah, you have been a big darling.