Different nations and cultures have treated same sex relations differently and also have had different standards for it. For instance, in the Jewish culture, same sex relations between males are forbidden whereas between women constitute minor moral issues. Greek culture in general did not regard same sex relations as distinctly perverted though the idea of same sex relations being perverted did prevail in some ways. United States of America is another place where lesbianism (same sex) marriages are encouraged. But in Nigeria, law forbids same sex relations.


Lesbianism is the homosexuality of women. A female is called a lesbian when she expresses her sexual and romantic desires towards another female. By law of nature, all the living creatures are born with the innate instinct to mate with the opposite sex. But lesbianism is an exception to this law of nature, as a lesbian, she generates no feelings of romance towards the opposite sex, but shows sexual feelings only to same sex being.


Lesbianism could be attributed to both mental and physical reasons. Some times family composition encourages lesbianism. For example, in a family where there are more male children than female, the females are carried away by behaving same way as the males. A typical example is a classmate in secondary school who happens to be the only female child amongst six boys. Because of this, she emulates her brothers in all they do; she walks like a boy, dances like a boy, very rough while playing with other girls in school because she is used to rough play right from their home. She calls herself “BEN” while wooing a girl lover.

In an interview, a lady who prefers being anonymous narrated her experience with lesbians “Those days in the hostel, we knew the lesbians by the things they return with, like unriped plantain, cucumber and different sizes of candles. I could remember one fateful night in school when I was in JSS I, I was the smallest and youngest in my hostel. It was around 2am on Saturday, I was woken up by a senior student whom I respected so much due to her good manners. She took me to her space where another senior student was lying helplessly on bed, I was asked to dip my hand into her private part in order to bring out a plantain finger that broke inside it while they were practising their evil act. As a little girl, I had no option than to start crying because I had never had such experience. It was my cry that woke other students, the junior girls were then asked to go back to sleep, leaving the senior ones who tried to bring out the plantain but to no avail. The more they tried, the deeper it went. They had no option than to contact the school doctor who ended up operating on the girl. The girls involved were expelled from the school.

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According to a lady that claimed to be a lesbian, one does not have to worry about becoming pregnant or contacting Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). She said she comes from a Christian home that frowns so much whenever she is seen in the company of a male not minding who he is to her. She said the situation made her to keep only female friends which led her to lesbianism.

Another girl said she was lured into lesbianism by money. She narrated how she makes much money being a lesbian. According to her, her first visit to Abuja was sponsored by a lesbian partner (sugar mummy) who invited and booked a flight for her just for a two day visit after which she was given Two Hundred Thousand naira (N200,000) excluding her transportation fare.

The fact is that lesbianism is evil. Ladies are advised to refrain from the act. It is a sin against God and the body.