Dear Bro Fuston,
I am the eldest of six children, three boys and three girls. Our father died when we were very tender, leaving us in the care of our mother who is a petty trader. 


Mum has tried so much in taking care of us and to God be the glory, I am in my final year in one of the Polytechnics in Nigeria.
It has not been easy because of our poor home but in all we give God thanks.
I dated this young, handsome guy right from my year one and we got along so well.
He promised to marry me, but when he took the issue of our marriage to his parents, they made enquiries and discovered that I am the only one in my family that has actually come of age, and that our background financially is nothing to write home about. They told their son to discontinue any relationship with me and without hesitation he did.
The only time he picked my call to explain the sudden change in his attitude, he told me that his parents advised him against attempting to carry a burden he cannot bear. He told me that I am a liability and that was the last I heard from him. Since then I have been making efforts to reach him via visits to his work place, calls and SMS and none has yielded any fruit.
This guy is the first man in my life. He opened my eyes to a lot of good things I know today. I love him so much and that is why I want you to help me win him back.
It is as if I can’t cope with any other man.
Kasinma in Imo State.

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Dear Kasinma,
Why do you insist on winning back a man that cares not about you?
I am thinking you should concentrate on changing your poor background, than trying to win back a man who dumped you for a reason that holds no water.
You were not instrumental to your being born into your family, neither did you pay death to snatch your father when you people were still tender.  
Work towards elevating yourself and before you know it a better man who will appreciate you despite your background will show up begging you to marry him.
If one door closes, many more are open. This disappointment instead of discouraging you, should spur you into being a great woman.
Your have all it takes to be anywhere you wish to be.
His attitude of ignoring you, your calls and your messages is a direct way of telling you that he is no more interested in all you shared with him.
Move on with your studies and live your life to attract God’s people to you.
Don’t let anyone define your life for you and probably make you cast aspersions on the efforts of your hardworking mother who cared and is still caring for you and your siblings.
Be courageous, good things are yet to come.
Be of good cheer.