As regular artistes are busy releasing songs, this irregular artiste cum comedian, Prince White chose to release just a short comedy audio flick that will last as long as a normal mobile phone rings.

The ringtone which will serve as an usher for his audio clip ‘Two things are involved’ will be dropping on Monday July, 15, 2013 and Prince White sees nothing wrong in publicizing the release of a ringtone.
Speaking to, the comedian who has become a regular face on the comedy segment of Orient TV’s O’town Magic which is now showing on CTL channel 4 said “Comedians can only afford to be funny and nothing more than that. The ringtone is part of the project, but the main thing is my audio clip ‘two things are involved’ which will be dropping soon as well as a video clip coming after.
The ringtone is like an usher for the audio and video. You know what it is like when a big boy wants to make entrance, he always needs an usher, that’s the packaging for now”
The ringtone will be released online for free download and he is urging the general public to grab it to thrill the people around them when ever their phones ring.
“Everyone needs distraction and you can be giving a lot of it when your phone rings. People often get angry when they hear certain ringtones but when it’s a good one, some people will even wish that you have a missed call just to get maximum listening pleasure from it” he added.