Dear Bro Fuston,
I never knew that men could be so wicked and callous. Men are dogs and are not suppose to co-habit with human beings.
Isiah for over one year was begging me to be his girl friend and I refused, but when I saw how consistent and disturbing he was. I felt he was honest and real, and then decided to give him a chance in my life.


We became friends and dated for four years, to be candid I was happy with the relationship, he treated me like a queen and I loved no other but him.
I left our palacio and moved into his small flat when he got me pregnant in 2011, and my parents vowed that I will not live with the shame in their house.
Since then I have been living with him and our handsome son out of wedlock.
I had turbulent times and had received enough punishment from my parents since the decision to live with him.
Based on what we passed through together and what we shared, I never believed the nymph someday will betray me.
With him food or no food, money or no money I was ok, material things never mattered to me because I believed he is more than those things.
I rebuffed my parents and had to disobey them becuase of this guy, my parents and two elder brothers considered him as my king and hero.
Anything about Isiah that is not in the positive should not be mentioned to me, I gave him my all, but he paid me back with utter wickedness.
I am writing this letter to you in agony and I am cook sure that God must punish him for being so ruthless and deceitful.
He shall have no peace in that new home, I am placing an eternal curse on him, which he can never reverse, because he stole my virginity away and made mockery of my innocence.
For subjecting me to this level of confusion, God must surely subject him to a crush, it shall never be well with him.
Can anyone believe it that a man living under the same roof with me planned and carried out a wedding with his lover of many years without my knowledge.
How do I explain to my parents that the man I so cherished and insulted them because of him, the same man they warned me to stay away from, has finally made mess of me and dumped me?
How do I explain to my son that the man through his loins he came to the world (of course he ceases to be my son’s father) is a mischievous soul?
How do I overcome this treachery? How do I get out of this shame and ridicule Isiah had put me into? What do I do? Bro. Fuston please in God’s name help me.
Sonnia in Owerri.

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Dear Sonnia,
Disobedience to one’s parents surely brings gnashing of teeth, it comes with lots of trouble and that’s why God fore-warned children not to be disobedient to their parents.
Every mistake comes with its punishment and regret, for you to have allowed a man that is not your husband unhindered use of your most prized virtue in the name of love is a disobedience to your parents and a great disregard to God’s injunction about fornication, and as it is the fruit of your mistake is what you are reaping now.
You made yourself a chicken and the hawk came and feasted on you. Issiah blinded you with his fake love and you threw reasoning and caution to the winds. You should have taken time to study him before giving your all.
Don’t you know it is wrong, absolutely wrong for you to move into a man’s house when the man is yet to pay your bride prize.
Your mistakes are many but there is no need dwelling on them at this time, when the remedy to situation at the moment is urgently needed.
It will be out of place for me to allow you move on with the mindset that men are generally evil, some men are angels, while some came from the pit of hell, likewise some women are saints while some are devil incarnates.
Erase such from your mind now, so that you can subsequently have reasons to love the right man.
Error or mistakes, are meant to put us in the right direction and not to stop us.
Therefore, don’t let anyone stop you not even Issiah, if you continue to brood on the failure of your relationship with him, you can’t be able to do something meaningful for yourself and you may be his laughing stock.
The first step in overcoming this treachery is that you must accept that you made mistakes, offended God and some people.
The second step is that you must beg God to forgive you of your sins and make you a brand new person.
The third being that you must go to those you offended and also ask them in humility to pardon you, especially your parents. Beg them to accept you and your son back into your house.
As for your son when he is old enough to comprehend issues as sensitive as this then he can be made to know the truth.
Punishment to a treacherous person is in the hands of God, so I cannot say how God will punish your ex-lover.
Next time becareful not to run more than your shadows. Move on with life, the future is still very bright.