By Chinwe Uzoechi

This weekend THE WOMAN is taking it from a poetic angle which talks about the phrase ‘It’s high time I settled down’ Almost every young unmarried lady uses this phrase, but really is marriage the yardstick for settling down or the basis so to say? You will find out as you digest this poem by CHIKERE GIFT of RICC.


So we grow from being a child-teen-adulthood. And the desires of the heart change like the time in all stages of life we all want some form of relationship to have the opposite of us around. Then the thoughts of marriage begin to crawl in the environment, begin to bring their pull like the push and pull force. Walk on the street and everybody is paired in two’s thy walk begins to feel odd because you are one. I will wait on God’s word-a Christian sister says so you won’t date? Your age group says how could you marry one you have never known so you forget that before you were conceived he knew you yet you go on.
Twenty plus, so you want to run faster than the time saying age is not on your side forgetting you were created by the creator who wasn’t created but created the time you are trying so hard to beat.
Forgetting it’s not by strength nor might, am on with any one that comes my way-you say wanting to be satisfied with crumbs that fall from the kings table when you are the kings child your self. Lack of identity. You deserve the best only if you would take a pause this day.
At least he pays your bills many say but he can’t even pray for you. Says nice words that can’t even save you. Gives you hug that can’t even hold your tears still like sheep without shepherd you stray along because you forget Phil. 4:19. Got family issues and you think sticking to him or her is an escape route. Its like running away from fire with fuel on you right now I can hear your thoughts say, here we go again same old stray.
But its unimaginable, you want to tie the knot to run away from life challenges. Marriage is a bay of surprise hold on do not before your entire life get hurt and leaves you at a place where you can’t even connect the dots again. Yet you say “I am searching for the one”
I don’t understand her these days can the blind lead the blind I beg to ask so a hypothec advice is what you get.
You could use your body to make him stay but the desires of the heart of man change like season so you are in and out of daily relationship, looking for satisfaction its not in dating ask those who have been there before.
Am in my finals, so you are chasing boys and men who do not even have the patience of Abraham. Stop the chase  ladies for men who do not have the presence of God like the garden of Eden, sticking to people who have no relationship with God like that of David and God.
Must be from my tribe but forget that Moses married from another tribe, parents might be the genesis at our entrance into this world but the long road to our revelation they do not know.
Cut the chase and trust in him who knows your end from the start even your yesterday and today, so why bother about your tomorrow. But you must refuse to love him whose love for you is immeasurable? You refuse to date him, whose faith in you exceeds that of Abraham? Whose choice of you above all exceeds that of Ruth to Naomi. What’s the haste? Marriage is not a game of trial and error.
You are running, too fast, seeking high, low, getting all tensed, and adding make up to his expectations.
Take a break because it’s high time you settled down and stop wandering about like Delilah.

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