I often feel very guilty when I receive calls from friends and relatives of entertainers whom I have revealed one thing or the other about.
When such calls end, the next question I ask myself will be am I helping these people or am I destroying them.


It is pretty tough to answer because leaking the darkest secrets of any man will do him no good, yet when your darkest secrete is what people want to discus on the streets and it is also the story that will draw traffic to every blog that has got it, is it not worth publishing regardless of who gets hurt along the line?
It is really a tough one to answer but I previously wrote an article that spread like wild fire around the country and beyond with the title ‘Entertainers: The terms and conditions they forget’ and that article was more like a pre-apology to everyone that will be hurt along the line, making them understand that it is just one of the terms and conditions they accepted when they chose to become an entertainer.
Fake lives keep people dormant, if not taking them backwards because the person seems to live like who he will never be.
Politicians have their scandals published every day, yet they become our favourites during elections. Is that we have forgiven them? Or did they hypnotize us to forget their imperfection? The answer is simply no, we took them to be humans and they have learnt to live like real human who are imperfect beings.
Sometimes I am a fan of the saying that ‘in showbiz, the uglier the better’, a philosophy the so called ‘controversial’ entertainers have used to climb to the level no one could have gotten easily.
Some others have used controversies to remain relevant, a perfect example being our own Kelly Hansom, whom despite not having a record label or an album in the market for close to a decade, is still a relevant figure in the Nigeria music industry. What achieved that for him?
For every entertainment reporter/writer to work effectively he must never the mask ‘juicy’ stories with sentiment and fear of maybe losing a favour from such celebrity in future because one thing is certain, when you are good at what you do, ‘nobody’ will just hate you. As long as the writer also understands his own side of the terms and conditions.
There is no way we can live without scandals in the entertainment industry meaning we can never grow without them.
The simple thing I can tell every entertainer I will write about for better or for worse is that ‘I am so sorry, I was just doing my job’