Dear Bro. Fuston,
If what my boy friend is trying to do now work out for him, it means I may be homeless.
We became lovers when I was in SS2 at Obazu Girl’s Secondary School, he is a keke operator and last year when I was through with my SSCE he lured me out of my sister’s house to live with him.


My sister knew about our love affair and threatened him with the police but he told my sister that he will marry me.
We love ourselves so much and I also told my sister that I will die if she wouldn’t let me live with my lover.
All efforts made by my sister (my only sister) and her husband to get me out of this guy’s apartment failed.
Now, the man I love so much is asking me to leave his house with the excuse that he wants to go back to school and can’t take care of me and his education at the same time.
My sister has earlier warned me not to step my feet in her house, since I rejected her advice not to live with my lover, Okechukwu.
As it stands, I am confused and do not know what to do. I have begged my lover to allow me stay in his house so that I can find something doing to help myself financially, but he has given me up to May 2013 ending to pack out of his room and I know he is serious about this.
I know my sister, she will not accept me to live with them again. What do you advice me to do?
I am 19 years old Chidiebere from Akwakuma.

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Dear Chidiebere,
You acted like a sheep without a shepherd, how can you abandon your sister’s home and went to live with a man who merely said he will marry you without any legitimate commitment?
You did not look before leaping and that is why you are in this dilemma, you were not careful to find out the type of man that pulled you out of your sister’s house with his sugar coated tongue.
He has asked you to leave his house, what are you still waiting for? Probably you are waiting for him to become physical on you before you move out of his house.
The option you have now is to go back to your elder sister and beg her to forgive you, take either a cleric or any respectful person that can help you beg her and the husband to forgive you.
 You made a costly mistake by going to abode with a man who never married you.
Do not make this mistake again, for a repetition of it may be very traumatic to you.
At least you now know that all that glitters are not gold. This is not the end of life, try and live a decent life from now on and I bet you, you will be the envy of all even the man that jilted you.
Stay away from evil and learn to live your life according to God’s precepts.
Have a wonderful weekend.