While taking pictures at one of the editions of the O’town Artistes’ Night organized by TFOnly at De Signature Lounge Owerri, I did something I don‘t usually do, which was taking this picture.



I have always looked for stories from the artistes angle, and so had nothing to do with the audience, whom to me only came to be entertained and not to entertain.


After about three weeks of taking this picture, I’ve come to realize why I had to do it. I took this picture because no one else on the side of the audience deserves a shot aside this guy with his hand on his head.


I just wish I could remember the artiste on stage when this happened, I also wish I spoke to this guy after the show. I did none of these on my wish list today because I was busy chasing the artistes after the event, forgetting this guy that actually made all the artistes look special on stage.

What if we all are as passionate as this guy? What if we all can cheer our artistes just like this guy? It means Owerri will be like the USA, where people shed tears and scream when their favourite artiste is on stage.

We watch these scenes on our TV and feel they were stage managed, but I don’t think so. If stars will have to spring up in a certain place, it means people would have to develop passion for what they do.

An average Imolite has passion for his job alone, and his leisure times are spent in relatives’ wedding or burial ceremonies. Some go clubbing, while others visit bars to drink and smoke their troubles away. Troubles that will always come back the next day.

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How many men attend shows with their families, yet this is what they white people we want to copy do. We watch football and see stadia packed with people in their thousands. Do you know they all paid above N2000 to see that game?


How many of us can pay N1000 to watch Heartland FC, how many of us can pay the same amount to watch artistes perform in Imo State. We prefer to watch them sing during wedding and burial ceremonies and yet we expect them to grow. Expect them to buy flashy cars like their USA counterparts.

Can we all be as passionate as this guy on the photo, when the person beside him was just smiling, he was astonished by what he was seeing. Can we all go that extra mile to see that we build our leisure life, find time to enjoy ourselves in an atmosphere where these performances are our only source of joy. Where we can scream without drinking or smoking, where we can appreciate life and talent the way God has made it.

This guy has inspired me. Next time, I will be doing more than taking pictures and looking for stories, I will have to enjoy the show as well.


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