Dear Bro Fuston,
I am a regular reader of your column, Straight from Heart, I am a print practitioner.
Three years ago, a young lady picked interest in my career as a print practitioner.
Indirectly she asked me how much it will cost her for me to teach her the trade
Months later, I gave her my address and she visited me. She cherished my profession. Last year November, she came to my newly established office for me to do a job for her. She was so excited about my progress, in fact, I noticed this during our conversation. She even promised to take my business as a family business.
I approached her for a relationship, her reply was, why didn’t I mention it to her since.

She told me that someone has gone to see her parents and that she is the one delaying. The idea she gave me, was to hook me up with one of her friends.
I am confused, should I go after her or forget her.
Please I need your advice.


Dear Print practitioner,
You did not put down your name in your sms and that is the reason why I address you by what you do.
Oftentimes, some human being make the mistake of concealing their desires and this in most cases has led to regrets.
You made the mistake of not telling this lady what you have in mind towards the two of you that is why you are having this challenge.
Let us not dwell on your mistake, rather I would want us to dissipate more energy on how not to make the same mistake again.
If someone has gone to meet her parents as per marriage, and she has accepted the man, what it means is that she is at the verge of legitimately getting married.
I will advise you not to look her way again, because she is hooked to another man.
If she can introduce a friend that has the qualities of a good wife to you, then you can ask her to introduce the person.
But in my opinion, it is better for a man to go search for a life partner, so that he bears the brunt of whatever comes out of the marriage or enjoy the bliss in such marriage.
That is why the Bible says “He that finds a wife…..” You should be the one to find a wife, so make a move today, you may get someone better in character than this lady. Take care.

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