‘Intro’  once..e…once upon eh… Once upon..e.. “Jiggy”… Once..e.. Once upon eh… Xello Maximelo….        
Verse 1  
Tori…tori…tori… Tori tori tori tori toriii..
Once upon a time..when we dey start nwanne otukwara oyiii..
Back then we dey trek.
Just to find our bread and daily cake.
To magi our future for God’s sake.


Now we dey speed up speed up like IV Tech! Uh…
Many shows, no pay
easy, e don tey.. Erosion? So gully
we still dey,no dulling.

One jean one shoe, suffer be like tattoo,
Still gat the best team just believe me we reviving that’s true,
 Rain rain go away, come again another day
cos them boys wan hammer hammer hammer!!

Chorus”.   Once upon a time,
when we been dey start,
 people been dey talk say we no follow but right now,
e mini bale…
“Oya ko do bale fumi” oya do bale. “Mo ni ko do bale fumi” (2X)

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 Verse 2. If u know, wetin we see for this hustle guy
you go give us our way way way way way way way,
Akwa I ma na iwe na ewe boys oo.
cos them no wan hear voice oo.
So, under rain under sun we keep on.
Moving on moving on more step on.
E no easy but together we all stood against all odds.
Harmattan, rainy days… together we still stood against all drought…
Back then when they see us..
them go talk say we no serious,
 so we come dey try our best to get ’em now everything we talk them believe us..


 Rain rain go away, come again another day
cos them boys wan hammer hammer hammer..   (Chorus)

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