Dear Bro Fuston,
Sometime last year, my friend who is also an albino wrote a letter to you concerning his relationship and you offered a solution that gave him hope.
Today, I am facing a similar thing in my relationship. But first, let me know from you if albinism as a condition is a curse?


I am aware that I cannot do anthing to change my skin pigmentation, just like a fair or dark skinned person, the rate our people treat and stigmatize albinos is very disheartening.
I am being rejected from marrying the man I love because I am an albino, he loves me dearly and has been pressing on his parents to allow him marry me but their only reason for stopping the love we share isΒ  that I am an albino.
We have been lovers for three years now and just last January decided to tie the knots but the obstacle now is what the parents of my friend feel about me.
What do I do to ensure that our dream is realized? I am worried he may listen to his parents.
I am Jessica

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Dear Jessica,
I thank God that you understand that your skin pigmentation doesn’t make you a lesser human being.
It is unfortunate that some of our people still wallow in ignorance especially in matters affecting albinism.
Some persons out of levity are yet to know that albinos have feelings like any other body, they get married and give birth to normal children.
Many of them are first class brains and can function adequately in many areas.
The bulk of work depends on your friend, the onus is on him to convince his parents to accept you two to move one with your plans.
If he actually loves you, then he should not give up on his quest to marry you, he should explore every possible genuine means to make his parents accept you. Press on with your love, it is not usually easy but you will conquer if you hold onto God and the love you profess for each other.
Happy weekend.