Dear Bro Fuston,
I have always wanted a peaceful woman in my life and my girl friend has that disposition.
She hardly quarrels with anyone and can offer anything at her disposal to ensure peace.
I love education so much and out of my meager income I have been able to see myself through the university.
I have tall ambitions and have desire that any lady I will finally marry must be educated, but the dishearting thing is that the lady that met my requirements of marriage is a secondary school drop out.


She stopped at junior secondary school 3 (JSS3) and has no intentions of furthering her education.
I have tried to convince her to go back to school but she insists that she can’t be able to cope, she prefers buying and selling and I have discovered that she does well in this aspect and that it gives her great joy.
Though, I don’t have the money to send her to school now, but I would want her to develop the interest because to me that is the most important thing.
Do I drop her or do you think there is something I can do to make her accept going back to school? She feels too old going back to the secondary school now.
I love her and would want to assist in any way I can.
Richmond from Okigwe

Dear Richmond,
It is often difficult to get all the good qualities in a particular person, and I think your girl friend is no exception.
Since she met other qualities you look out for in a woman you can politely make her understand the importance of education, and not to drop her.
She must be made to know that her growth in the buying and selling hardly can be rapid, it will be slow, if not static.
But good education will help enhance the growth of her business.
Education has no age barrier and so she should not be shy of going back to complete her educational carrier.
There is no short cut in life and this is what many fail to understand, so tell her to go through the normal process of acquiring education and she can never regret it.
Please do not make caricature of her because of her deficiency, treat her with love and make her understand that you will be there for her, and that she will get every deserving support from you.
Make it your responsibility and when the goal is finally achieved, she will ever be grateful and thankful to you, her love for you will also increase, so patiently make it a point of duty to ensure that the love of your heart gets the necessary education that will aid in pushing you two up in the ladder of success. Don’t drop her.
Happy weekend.

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