Imo State music industry is recovering the lost grounds and one cannot deny that entertainment generally is becoming something of interest in the state recently.
2012 in my assessment was a year of recovery and no one can deny that lots of recoveries were made.
Although government’s presence is not still there even when veteran artistes like Mr Uche Ogbuagu is represented the entertainers at Douglass House. His presence as well others has not prevented the importation of artistes into the state during government function, an act of negligence and marginalization many has voiced out severally.


 Entertainers can find solace in the role the media in keeping their voice and personalities afloat, thanks to the radio stations, newspapers and blogs that are based in the state who are now believing in ‘local contents’ as piece for publication and broadcast.
The revolution in 2012 saw more respect for the artistes and even when it is not yet at the point we all want it to be, a growing light is better than total darkness.
Also, the rejuvenation PMAN in the state was all part of the 2012 recovery.
The strength and wisdom gathered in 2012 should be put to 2013, which I termed ‘a year of building’, this means that we are all out to build with the recovered materials this year.
Male artistes abound in their great number in the state, yet their female counterparts are so small that N30 will be enough to send sms to all of them.
Last year saw the rising of Harmony to fame with her ‘Good loving’ and ‘Kokodiko’. It also saw the return of an erstwhile queen Cyndy O with her ‘Just move’, ‘Aristo babes’ and other tracks, while Kokomma was not left out in the picture with her Go go and she still reigned as the only female artistes in the state with a video last year.
Beside these three, there are still other female underground artistes, but every kingdom has contenders for the crown of her queen.
Cyndy O’s recent move to Lagos took her out of the picture, and Harmony recently addressed herself as Enugu diva, meaning coal city has stolen her from us, while Kokomma was referred to as Lagos and ‘International’  based artiste in a recent interview.
When the queen is not married to her kingdom, her crown turns to flowers that will surely wither before one could spell ‘Jack Robinson’.
An opportunity lies for the underground female artistes to step up for this crown. The city has kings, yet no princess is perfect to be the mistress of a king.
With the returns of Floxy, and the push Vivada is giving herself, 2013 could be the year of another queen in Owerri.
We will never be stable if we remain in this building level, everyone must have a place he started, be it Okigwe, Orlu or Owerri, Imo is our state and the throne is open as we await the rising of a princess and the coronation of queens in 2013.
PMAN still has a role to play in this.
A city without a queen is just like boys’ hostel.

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