Cypher, Flipmode and Black – Dancers

…when you are a light and the light is not seen, and then you are not really a light — Yung Roc

Star Nite which was held at Valencia Lounge Owerri, on February 28 2013, kicked off by 7:00pm with Red Crapet.
Being the first of its kind and a huge success as well, artistes, dancers, producers, comedians, bloggers and other entertainers seized the opportunity to mixed up as well as showcase what they have on stage to their colleagues and yearning fans who attended the all-night event.


During the Red Carpet, O’town Gist crew trio of Ugochi Oparanozie, Adanna Obi and Chinaza Ikeagwuonu took time to get the opinions of the numerous celebrities around and below are what they said.
Dejay Saquo – Facilitator

Dejay Saquo – Facilitator

I’ve been thinking for a while on what I can do for this town to make things happen here and this idea came to me. It is a version of the Industry Nite in Lagos and we are doing it to add value to the artistes here, to show people in the state and beyond that these guys are really great.
Another thing is that the event is not only for the elites in the industry, but for everyone as long as the artiste has a good song.
Lo-Key – Artiste
Lo-Key – Artiste
The event is a means of exposing O’town based artistes and it is basically Dejay Saquo’s idea. I believe the main aim of the event is to promote entertainment in the state.
Ms Zoe – Artiste
I feel good being here because it is a very good innovation in the state and a big shout-out to Dejay Saquo and the crew for a job well done.
XP Joe – Artiste/Producer


The celebration at Star Nite will make artistes feel like stars at the moment even when most of us are yet to make it to limelight. It is a wonderful idea to me.
Yung Roc – Producer/Blogger
Yung Roc – Producer/Blogger

Yung Roc – Producer/Blogger
Star Nite is all about celebrating artistes in Owerri, because when you are a light and you are not seen, then you are not really a light.
The event aims at bringing out the best in artistes in Owerri.
DJ Timberland – President, DJs Association, Imo State
DJ Timberland – President, DJs Association, Imo State
This is all about Dejay Saquo and Valencia Lounge bringing artistes in Owerri together to celebrate them. This is one way they can be made stars.
X-Busta – Artiste


I feel great being here at Star Nite, to crown it all, I’m celebrating my birthday here tonight.
Target – Show promoter (CEO Blue Sky Entertainment)

DTarget – Show promoter (CEO Blue Sky Entertainment
The event is a huge success and it going to be a great avenue to project entertainment and entertainers beyond the boundaries of Imo State.
DJ Cruz

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It is an event that will give artistes opportunity to showcase what they have to people who can invest in them because that is one thing that is missing in this town.
You have few people willing to invest in artistes, but through events like this, the confidence will grow and everything will change.
Chaina – Dancer

People forget one thing when they look down on the entertainment industry in Owerri, we have produced too many great artistes in this country.
With Orient TV, Hot 99.5 FM Owerri, CTL Africa, Valencia Records and other groups sponsoring Star Nite as well as the help of Dejay Saquo, the event will surely achieve its aim which is taking entertainment in state beyond its borders.
Arty Ready – Artiste
It’s a great event and we all should seize the great opportunity it is offering and it is also worth supporting.
Cypher, Flipmode and Black – Dancers

Cypher, Flipmode and Black – Dancers

We love events like this because it is an opportunity for artistes to come together and show what they have.
Ice Babe – Dancer

It is a lovely atmosphere down here and I love the whole concept. It is a great reunion for artistes because I’m seeing people I have not seen for a long time here.
It is something that must continue and we will surely support it.
Delb Jay – Artiste

Delb Jay – Artister
Star Nite is all about getting artistes based in Owerri together to show what they can do and I am here for no other reason than that.
With what I’m seeing from the organizers, it will surely be a lovely event.
LMG – Artiste/Producer

LMG – Artiste/Producer

Star Nite is an idea we all must welcome, it is a bold step and a good foundation for the future of the entertainment industry in Imo State.
With the connection in the event, it will be a success and will surely achieve the dreams that gave birth to it.
DJ Jay Funky
When I heard about Star Nite and what it has to offer, I told myself that I must be a part of it because it is worth every input anyone is going to make today and after.
MC F (Alomo Ambassador) – Comedian

It is more like a get-together for entertainers in Imo State, where we come together to showcase our various talents as well as promote and export these talents to the world at large.
Di Cacci – Artiste

Di Cacci and friend
This would be the best place to be tonight and everyone here is making the atmosphere beautiful.
All we have to do is support the movement and as for I’m going to have a good time on stage tonight.