Though as inexperienced as most people would consider him to be, U-Gems unknown to them has been singing and doing music at the level most people consider as underground on the ‘streets’ of the music industry.
U-Gems who is the younger brother of Teejay (Elewe ukwu), has featured in songs by upcoming artistes in Owerri and beyond played a conspicuous role in the rap hit Mbo by LMG where he was featured and this time the singer is bidding farewell to the days of shadows by coming on the big picture with a hit single ‘one bottle’, a mellow hiplife (highlife fused with hip-hop).


“I was just surprised with what I saw on the first day the song was released. People from around the country were calling, asking where I have been, and somehow I hated myself for holding back the release of these tracks”
He however added that his delay from stepping into the industry was as a result of some good plans he needed to make to avoid stepping in unprepared.
He also admitted that his elder brother’s profile in the country will surely help him, but aside that, he still needs to do good music else, he would be falling back to a place deeper than where he has started.
“This is not about my brother Teejay, but me. He has done his part in the industry and is still working for himself. If I rely on his name, I will remain a show forever.
All I need right now is to show the whole world what I can do, which ‘one bottle’ and other tracks I’ll be releasing soon will do for me”
After the release of one bottle, he hopes to release other tracks soon and all would be dropping online for download.

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