Reflex Soundz is a name that must appear boldly if the history of Imo State entertainment is to be written. He has made his remarkable impart in the production of so many songs in Owerri and beyond.
As quiet as he is, Reflex has done his very best to stay away from all forms of controversies, by not speaking about issues that have nothing to do with him.


In this interview with ADANNA OBI of, Reflex goes beyond music production to the days of BigChance and Cyphatyte, their breakup and his personal life.
My name is Reflex Sound, a producer, presently located in Owerri. Am from Delta State, I’ve been into production for 8 years; I’ve been in Owerri for long. I schooled in Owerri, graduated from FUTO. I read Chemical Engineering. I’ve always had passion for production. So, I decided to open a studio, which I have been running for a while.
How you got into music
Basically, I’ve always love music but, I started production before I got admission. When I got into school, I met other people who were interested in music and I had a mini studio set up in my room. While still in school, I was also building up my production skill. I do music production not just music also, radio production and media advert.
When I graduated, I worked for a year as a Radio producer.
The hit songs you have produced?
I have worked with a lot of Owerri artists. Owerri finest, from Sea Flow, Real P, Bigchance and Cyphatyte and some other people. And recently, I did a hit song with Rugged man featuring Terry G. I have also worked with ‘Mish’
How do you feel about the treatment given to producers in Nigeria?
Personally, I feel producers are not valued in Nigeria as they really should. Just like outside Nigeria. Not until you have made a couple of hits. You won’t be recognized in Nigeria. But I feel this will change soon. At least there are producers like Don Jazzy, Samclef, these producers are well paid.
But I personally think, that as a producer, if you want to earn well from the industry, you need to work well, produce a song people will listen to and like it.
What are the things you don’t like in most productions you see in Nigeria?
A lot of producers in Nigeria, just because some of us can’t afford a good studio, they will now go and meet other upcoming producers in the street who might not be well equipped or known enough to make a song work because it takes a good producer to know what is to be done to produce a good music. You know, there are lots of people out there who just go on to produce anything they feel they want to but that’s not really my problem.
Not really your problem? Meaning you do not wish to make a difference
Not really as I am trying to change some of this. Because as a producer, I want to build a brand for myself because the idea is this when someone comes to you for a production, they are not coming because you are the best but because of the style you’ve got.
What are the things you do outside music?
Yea! Apart from music, I do Radio production.
How do you feel when people don’t recognize you in public, despite knowing your name?
Mmmmmh! I kind like it, because I love living a normal life. You know, people recognize an artist because he/she is always on stage but you don’t really get to know a producer. So, I like it because, I will rather build a name than build a face.
Earlier on, you mentioned working with Big Chance & Cyphatyte, how did it go between you guys?
Yea…. It was really, really nice. When I was done with NYSC, I came back to Owerri from Bauchi. I wanted to build up a team, a team like people who will understand. We wrote songs together and I produced it.
It was really nice working with them but I’m  not with them anymore because I just wanted to be on my own and see how it goes.
Was this actually the reason you broke up or one of the reasons?
A lot of people were like “Ah! You guys are doing well”… (smiles)
Now since we started, you’ve not smiled, why this smile now?
Yea! A lot of people thought maybe there was a quarrel or some financial problem. In every group, there is always a disagreement. But how you solve the problems is what matters. I don’t really call what happened a disagreement because at a point, each person wanted to focus on something different.
How do you feel about the breakup?
It’s been good because everybody is progressing. Big Chance is a popular blogger, we talk on phone. Cyphertyte, I don’t really know what he is into but am sure he is doing well.
Before the break up, Cyphatyte got his girlfriend engaged; does this have anything to do with the break up?
Mmmmh… No, not really.
Were you informed about the engagement?
No, I was taken by surprise. I just went there and saw it. But as we all know there is a point in every guy’s life when he feels he needs to get married it’s a good thing for him.
You didn’t feel bad at all?
It’s his private life and he wanted to keep it private. I really did not have any problem with that. Obviously he loves the girl and wanted to get married to her. After the engagement, I was like “are you serious? Is this what you want?”
Like I said, we all wanted to focus on different things.
Producers’ mixtape?
It’s a project am working on, like the one I did when I was in FUTO. I made and produced a collection of songs by different artists. Recently, am working on a project like that now but this time, it’s going to be bigger because I would be singing as well as producing.
How do you get all the publicity?
I have worked with a lot of artists and media houses. I worked for Hot FM for one year and they really liked what I do. I’m not only a song producer but also of Radio and TVs. So, they owe me some favours, you know that’s how our country is. It’s sometimes about the connections. I am connected to so many media houses.
Songs produced and the best of them all
I don’t have a best. Any song I do, I try to make sure there is something about it that I like, I’ve worked with most of Owerri finest like Sea Flow, Aifee, so many of them. Recently, I did something for the Akwa Ibom artist Mish.
Personal life
Am the first in a family of 8. I don’t hide my age, am 28 years old.
Relationship status
I like to keep that part private but I do have a lot of female friends… and right now, I am not married. And it’s easier to keep that part in-between single and married on the low… Because it takes one day for that status to change from single to married.
Relationship with God, friends & female
God is number one in everything. I put him first in everything. I have a lot of friends, and I appreciate them. For my female friends, I keep them close because they are also friends.
What do you feel about the Star Nite show?
It was very, very, wonderful, it was the first time Dejay Saquo organized that sort of show which involved lots of talented artists. You know there is no spot light in Owerri. Star Nite was an event for people to show off what they have.
A lot of people said it was going to be a flop but “too bad for them, I believe they will all be put to shame”
This is where I give Dejay Saquo a lot of respect because he was able to use his position as a radio Dejay and a producer to secure the venue for the event. I also give respect to the owner of Valencia Lounge he gave that place for free.
Message to your fans
Keep listening to good music. And we will keep on producing good music.

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